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Maryland Estate Planning for the Demographic Shift

Bigstock-Elder-Couple-With-Bills-3557267[1]The next few decades will see a tremendous transfer of wealth from one generation to the next and then to the next. It is important to have an estate plan to make sure that everything goes smoothly within your family.

In the next few years an extraordinary amount of wealth is expected to be transferred to the Baby Boomer generation by their parents. It is then expected that the Baby Boomers will be retiring in ever greater numbers and passing that wealth on to their children as Huffington Post Canada discusses in “Estate Planning For A Significant Demographic Shift.”

While the article is about Canada, the exact same shift is going to occur in the U.S.

This demographic shift and the transfer of wealth it will bring makes estate planning more important than it has even been at any previous point in human history. Americans are more prosperous than any other people in history. Billions of dollars’ worth of real estate and financial instruments will be changing hands between generations.

Families that have not planned regarding how that generational transfer will occur risk losing a lot of wealth, if not all their wealth, as the legal system sorts out who gets what.  In Maryland, in 2016, if you leave more than $2 million to your heirs, without estate planning, you will pay estate taxes on every dollar over that threshold.  And the $2 million includes the total value of your home, regardless of your mortgage.  With the cost of housing, life insurance policies or retirement accounts easily could make you eligible forMaryland estate taxes. Your children may have to sell the family home you leave without careful estate planning. To learn strategies for leaving more to your children and less to Maryland estate taxes contact my office.

Since you know the transfer of wealth will occur, make plans for it. Decide now how your assets will be transferred to your children and other heirs.

Planning for it will take a lot less time and cost a lot less money than not planning for it and letting the next generation sort it out with the assistance of probate courts.

Reference: Huffington Post Canada (July 11, 2016) “Estate Planning For A Significant Demographic Shift

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