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Client testimonials

I am an attorney just retired from a 30-year career with the us government. During my career I was divorced and raised a son with a lifelong, complicated birth defect.

12 years ago, I bought a condo for my son who was becoming an adult and attending community college. Over the years mayhem ensued with my son’s social group and I evicted him from the condo and rented it out this year.

6 years ago, I fell in love with a retired tradesman, 11 years my senior. We married 2 years ago. My husband’s children are married adults with children of their own.

3 months ago, while preparing for retirement, I went to Michelle profit for help. I had no will, nor estate plan. All my accounts named only my son as beneficiary; nothing was updated to reflect my marriage.

Michelle used her vast knowledge of the law and estate planning vehicles to expertly guide me in setting up a trust. My trust protects my son’s eligibility for ssi, provides for my husband’s projected needs as his age progresses, and leaves me in control of my assets with full flexibility during my lifetime.

I give Michelle my highest recommendation. Her insightfulness and way of explaining the pros and cons of my estate planning options, allowed me to protect my family, my assets, and also importantly saved me from the shame I would surely have felt in the afterlife if my background and experience in the law had failed to protect my loved ones. Thank you, Michelle, very, very much!


I hired the Profit Firm to do the Trust for my family and their work was impeccable. Not only did they put my Sather at ease with the process but their attention to detail ensured that we were able to execute all documents easily. As an attorney myself, I appreciate the high duality°, work and service exhibited by the Profit Firm and Michelle Profit. I highly recommend them for your Trust and Estates matters.

Lisa Jones