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Same Sex Couple Estate Planning

As laws continue to change around the country regarding the rights of Same-Sex and LGBTQ couples within recent years, the procedures around estate planning have also been accordingly affected. While there is still some inconsistency surrounding legislative changes, when looking specifically in Maryland, same-sex and LGBTQ couples are now legally provided the same the state and federal benefits of being married as any other couple.  As long as the couple takes the steps in order to become legally married, procedures around surviving spouse and marital deduction opportunities or issues regarding other spousal benefits should be considered in the estate planning process.

While some of the risks associated with not having a Will in place are universal, same-sex couples and other members of the LGBTQ community especially, should take the precaution of creating a detailed will, so your legacy and life is not left up to the interpretation of the State of Maryland, Washington, DC or the federal government. Extra attention to language and designations for relatives and children who may be adopted is critical and legal assistance is extremely helpful to ensure every right and safeguard applicable in estate planning is taken advantage of to benefit your family.

Profit Law Firm remains on top of the legislative changes since 2013, the ramifications of these changes on things like inheritance tax and estate tax, and what you need to do to protect your family. When drafting a trust or Will, an estate planning attorney here at Profit Law Firm ensures no one is taken advantage of because of ambiguities in language or potential uncertainties that arise, when new laws are put in place.  Nothing is more trying for a family, after a loved one is lost, than when they are unable to implement their last wishes, because of potential uncertainties from poor legal drafting or template language taken from the Internet.