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Estate Planning for Professional Advisors

The Estate Planning Team

As a law firm that focuses its practice in the areas of estate planning and administration, we work closely with other professional advisors, including Certified Financial Planner™ professionals, Investment Advisors, Financial Consultants, Insurance Professionals, Certified Public Accountants and Tax Advisors.  We work closely with the financial advisor(s) that the client has selected to ensure that the estate plan being created has the input from entire estate planning team to achieve the full legal and financial objectives of our client.  If a client does not have a team in place, we can work with them to create an estate planning team that is cooperative, responsive and effective.

The Process

Step One: The First Estate Plan Consultation

The first step in developing an effective estate plan is to have an initial consultation with the prospective clients. During this consultation, the client and attorney will explore the objectives of the client, the resources of the client and the relationships of the client. Together the attorney and client can develop an understanding of client plans and goals for their estate plan and the estate planning attorney can provide information regarding how to achieve these objectives.

After providing an overview of the legal landscape, in most cases the attorney will make specific recommendations to the client and also quote a flat fee for design, drafting and implementation of the plans. At that point, the client may decide whether they are ready to move forward to achieve their and may engage our firm by signing a retainer agreement and paying a retainer fee.

Step Two: Preparation of Estate Plan Documents

Upon engagement of our firm, we will provide questionnaires to match the planning objective of the client with an effective estate plan. We draft the documents necessary to achieve those objectives with a detailed letter explaining what each document does, and how each document protects you. After the client reviews the document and our letter, we welcome the client to discuss with the attorney questions and concerns and possible changes.  After, the documents are completed and the clients have reviewed them and are satisfied the plan meets their goals, we make arrangements to formerly execute the documents.

Step Three: Estate Plan Review and Explanation

After our clients have signed their documents, we remain available to offer our expertise to ensure our clients’ estate plans remain current. Our clients receive our estate planning newsletter. Many of our clients also request that the firm keep a copy of their estate planning documents to make amendments to documents easier and also so that relatives may benefit from our expertise in the event of probate or estate administration. Through the newsletter and other periodic mailings, we seek to inform our clients.


Client Education

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