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The Best Reason to Get an Estate Plan

LIZrwvbeRuuzqOoWJUEn_Photoaday_CSD_(1_of_1)-5[1]There are many reasons why you should get an estate plan, but one of them stands out above the others. Estate planning is the best way to make sure that your family does not have problems after you pass away.

Too many people think getting an estate plan implemented is an unnecessary and time-consuming bother.  It is true that properly planning for an estate requires gathering up all of your financial documents, thinking about where you want all of your property to go and spending time meeting with lawyers. Almost everyone can think of other more enjoyable things that they would rather do with their time.

However, there is a very good reason to make the effort now and get an estate plan as J Weekly suggests in "Estate planning wards off problems later on."

If you think estate planning is difficult and time-consuming for you now, imagine how difficult it will be for someone else to do it after you pass away. It is very likely that a close family member will have to figure out what property you have and go to court to figure out who should get all of your property.

To give just one example of how difficult this can be, you can now easily go to your bank and get all of the information you need concerning your accounts. Your children cannot do that easily now and they would not have an easier time of it after you pass away, unless they have a court order requiring the bank to give them the information.

Getting that court order will, of course, be time-consuming and require the hiring of an attorney for assistance.

Any way you look at it, taking the time to get an estate plan now will be less expensive and less time-consuming than it will be for your family to figure things out if you do not get an estate plan.

Reference: J Weekly (Dec. 1, 2016) "Estate planning wards off problems later on."


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