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Make the Most of Tax Season

Bigstock-Elder-Couple-With-Bills-3557267Don’t think of tax time as the worst time of year but as an opportunity to get a good estate plan.

There are two types of people who like tax season. One is accountants and the others are tax attorneys. For everyone else, it is the worst time of the year. Even accountants and tax attorneys are probably relieved when tax season is finally over, because no one likes doing their taxes.

Since you have to get all of your financial information for the year sorted out and digest it in the way the IRS requires, it, you will not have to do everything over again to create an estate plan, as Forbes points out in "Make A Better Plan This Tax Season."

When doing your taxes, you are looking at many of the same accounts you would consider when creating your estate plan. That takes care of one step in the process. After that, you just need to gather information about all of your other assets that were not part of your taxes for the year.

For most people, the rest of the estate planning process is relatively simple. You just need to determine who you want to have your assets after you pass away.

To complete your estate plan, you should hire an experienced estate planning attorney. When the attorney has your financial information and knows who you want to receive what is in your plan, an estate planning attorney can help you determine the best way to write a plan to accomplish your specific objectives.

Reference: Forbes (March 19, 2018) "Make A Better Plan This Tax Season."


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