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Entitlement Reform Might Be Next

It is looking increasingly likely that next year Congress will take up reform to entitlement programs. Bigstock-Elder-Couple-With-Bills-3557267[1]

The U.S. has some political junkies who follow everything that goes on in Washington D.C. all the time. However, for the vast majority of Americans, politics is preferably just done every four years.

Presidential elections are held, a winner is declared, and most Americans go on with their lives not thinking too much about politics.

Things are different now. None of us can escape political talk. It is everywhere.

Many people would probably appreciate a break next year, until October before the mid-term election campaigns heat up.

But it appears that Republicans may propose cuts to some of the most popular government programs, according to Financial Advisor in "GOP Laying Groundwork To Cut Future Social Security, Medicare, Welfare Outlays."

Republicans are talking about making cuts to programs for the elderly, such as Social Security and Medicare. It is likely that any proposed cuts would be delayed and not effect current retirees.  However, they will still be controversial for Americans who plan to rely on the programs in the future.

Cutting Social Security and Medicare is considered to be like touching the third rail in American politics. These are not popular proposals. Going through with this plan, guarantees that we will not be getting a relief from politics in 2018.

Reference: Financial Advisor (Dec. 6, 2017) "GOP Laying Groundwork To Cut Future Social Security, Medicare, Welfare Outlays."


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