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Coffin Clubs

MP900442452[1]Most funerals are boring affairs that do not do justice to the vibrant personalities of the deceased. Coffin clubs seek to change that.

The phrase "coffin club" might invoke some sort of club for people who like to pretend they are vampires. That is not what coffin clubs are.

Coffin clubs are the result of a group of elderly people in New Zealand who had gone to so many funerals for their friends that they began to get irritated with the funeral process.

They noticed that no matter how big of a personality their friends had and no matter how vibrant and joyful their friends were during their lives, their funerals were always boring, somber affairs. These elderly Kiwis were upset that these funerals did not do justice to the lives their friends led.

The first coffin club was created as a result.

The story is picked up by Market Watch in "Want to spice up your own funeral? Join a coffin club."

In a coffin club, a group of people get together and decorate their future coffins. This allows mostly elderly club members a chance to not only hang out and have fun but to create a coffin for their remains that reflects their own personalities.

It is a way to make their funerals more interesting and more reflective of their own lives.

Funerals are changing all over the world.

Many of today's elderly people do not want a traditional, boring funeral. Coffin clubs are just one example of that.

Reference: Market Watch (Nov. 25, 2017)

"Want to spice up your own funeral? Join a coffin club."


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